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Going Green!  Environmentally Friendly Paints

If you are a specifier, the information on this page contains good information, but for more specific information on LEED and MPI Green Performance Standards, Please Click Here

Environmental awareness is here to stay. Whether you’re building, remodeling, or decorating, there is a group-consensus that we need to do so in the most "Green" or environmentally-friendly way that budgets will allow.  When it comes to most architectural paints & coatings, the discussion about environmentally responsible paints, stains and coverings narrows to low-odor & low VOC paint products.  

What is VOC?  Volatile Organic Compounds.  
VOC’s are the liquid portion of paint products that evaporate into our atmosphere and damage the ozone layer.  When we talk about the VOC’s contained in everyday, good-old latex (water-based) paint, for the most part, we are talking about the presence of ammonia in addition to water in the product.  While many people think that water-based paint is just fine as-is, a growing number of people feel that there needs to be a healthier alternative - both for themselves and for the environment. 

Low-odor Paint Products 
These products emit low odor and are perfect for these uses.

  • Hospitals – people trying to get better don’t need to be subjected to potentially harmful fumes.
  • Workplaces – Whether it’s an office, retail store, restaurant or whatever, there’s never a good time to close up and send workers home to accommodate a paint project.  
  • At Home – Some people live with respiratory conditions or have a newborn baby in the house.  Either way, fumes of any kind are not only unwelcome, but unhealthy to those who live there.
At The Paint Factory, there are two manufacturer’s to choose from for low-odor interior paints. 

Pittsburgh Paints Pure Performance Low-Odor Paints    *(LEED certified)*   
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Performance product data bulletins     
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Dulux Lifemaster Low-Odor Paints  *(LEED certified)*
Lifemaster product data bulletins
Click for Lifemaster Interior Acrylic Enamel
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PREP & PRIME™ ODOR-LESS Interior Water-Based Primer-Sealer

LEED was established in 1998 and stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  The LEED organization outlines the Green Building Rating System, which was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) & defines a set of standards for environmentally sustainable construction.

LEED addresses much more than low-odor, interior latex wall paint.  Large commercial and industrial projects call for a multitude of paint products and various coatings to be used.  For this reason, paint and coatings manufacturer’s have their product lines reviewed by the USGBC to “make the list” & obtain LEED certification on a variety of products for certain applications.  This means Alkyds, Epoxies and Urethanes, typically deemed environmentally unfriendly acquire LEED certification for certain applications because it remains the right product to use in that situation.  What follows is Pittsburgh Paints & Dulux/Akzo-Nobel’s product listing of LEED compliant paint products.

National Lead Information Hotline

EPA suggestions on finding an inspector for projects with lead concerns.  Also, free download of EPA brochure "Reducing Lead Hazards When Remodeling Your Home."  23 pages of extremely good information.

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