Spec Montana
The Paint Factory is pleased to announce our Spec Montana Program

“SPEC MONTANA” is not only the name of our continuing education event, it’s also the name Jeff Keller gave to a “Win/Win/Win” Montana program which is driven by the specifier and directly benefits our area’s non-profits.  Please CONTACT US to learn more.

It goes like this: During the design phase of your project, contact us & let us know you’ll be specifying The Paint Factory products & colors (Benjamin Moore or PPG) and that you’d like the project to participate in the Spec Montana program. From there, we’ll competitively bid on the project with your contractors, and if we are awarded the paint portion, upon completion, The Paint Factory will write a check to the area non-profit (501C3) on behalf of, and of that specifier’s choosing. That non-profit will receive a letter, with a check, explaining the program and the specifying firm that singled them out for this financial gift. That amount will be a minimum of 3% and up to 10% of all materials that we supplied on the project. The percentage will be determined based solely on how competitive the bidding process was and that amount (%) will be conveyed prior to the paint work beginning. You may designate every project Spec Montana – there are no limits. Just out of our store this could amount to 10’s of thousands of dollars per year going directly to area non-profit organizations that hold special meaning for you – and equally important, at no cost to you or your clients! We’ve got all of Division 9 covered, but I encourage all suppliers outside of the paint industry to come up with a similar offering for “Spec Montana” based on their business offering that works for them. I’ve registered “Spec Montana” with the state and we’ll have a web page up soon that provides details, projects, participants and recipients. We’re ready to initiate this Win/Win/Win Montana program, so please contact us if you have a project in-mind!

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